Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ink, watercolor, Adobe Photoshop

I am learning so many awesome things, like the many amazing talents of frisket paper and how to use masks in photoshop. Shit is blowing my miiind!

I'm pretty doubtful that the best way learn watercolor, oil, figure drawing, photoshop, inking and charcoal techniques is to do everything at once all the time, but that seems to be my general mode of attack. I know that style is everything and it's all about technique secrets, but I've never really been able to choose just one direction. Somehow my subconscious is convinced if I try everything I will be able to finally make up my mind but as of yet I'm on the fence.

In the mean time here's an old super quick photoshop landscape study, done in under an hour.

From this I learned, use the biggest brush available for the task at hand. Also, vary your strokes!!

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