Tuesday, January 11, 2011


3 hour pose, 10x13, oil


3 hour pose, 9x11, oil

The first painting was done two weeks ago and the second painting was done last night. Since the first painting I bought some new (read: heinously expensive) brushes and you can pretty much consider my mind blown. They were worth every penny! It appears half the frustrations I have with oil painting were almost entirely the fault of the shitty, shitty hard bristle brushes I've been using. They were SO scratchy and kept me from imbuing any sort of nice painterly quality. They blended when I didn't want them too, sucked up paint but never spit it out, and because of them I needed to use a crazy amount of medium to make the paint workable.

My mind=blown.

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  1. Yes I learned long ago...its worth having two really good brushes...a handfull of crappy brushes cant offer the freedom and ease you have with the right tools. good tools ensure the freedom to do your best. Blessings to your new found freedom.