Saturday, October 30, 2010


This moleskin is just about finished! I'm trying out some different processes for actual finished work. I would say my process is 60% fear-based procrastination, 30% productivity and then 10% nail-biting regret. Obviously, it takes a while to get anything done.

On another note, often when I am out and drawing I really dislike it when people ask to see my sketchbook. Not because I hate the invasion of my privacy, I know I'm drawing in public people and that people are prone to be curious, but because...INVARIABLY...someone will say "this is pretty good" or "this is not bad" in a noncommittal tone of voice. Now, by all means, under no circumstances do I delude myself into thinking I'm great. I'm not looking for any handouts. But they asked ME. So I find it pretty incredible when they interrupt me, ask to see my private sketchbook, I oblige, and then they barely summon a lukewarm compliment.

Thanks! Let's see how well you can draw, asshole!

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  1. Im in love with the lady in the hat <3